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Innovation in Action: Engineering, Technology & New Product Development

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Engineering 121713A

Customers choose Associated Spring not only for its widely recognized brand (a pioneer in the spring industry since 1857) but also for our leadership in engineered high performance springs. Having either invented or first adopted many technologies such as micro-peening, super-finishing and induction heating, we are constantly pushing the innovation and technology envelope and the laws of physics to reach new performance levels (for example: replacing dual springs in the Race market with single ones). This expertise, honed over many decades, enables us to apply these innovations across a multitude of segments, including Transportation, Diesel Powertrain, Industrial and Medical, as well as Aerospace and Defense.

Our cross-functional group of expert engineers, scientists, manufacturing technicians, time-tested highly skilled spring makers and technical experts develop solutions to complex problems through innovations in design, development, testing, materials and manufacturing. We work directly with our customers in the development stage of their projects to provide value throughout the product life cycle. Associated Spring can produce fully functional prototypes using production intent materials and equipment. We pursue the state of the art in precision solutions and sub-assemblies through:

  • Engineering Analysis and Design Capability
  • Advanced Material Research, Failure Analysis and Process Optimization
  • New Product Development and Fully Functional Prototypes
At Associated Spring, we pride ourselves in going beyond the “build-to-print” mindset to contribute value add technology and our expertise – honed over 150+ years of spring making – to our customers.

To learn more about Associated Spring innovations in action and how we can help you with your design and manufacturing challenges, contact us.