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Health & Safety

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Associated Spring is not only committed producing quality engineered precise solutions. Our springs & stampings company is also focused on continued leadership in the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) field, and to protecting the health and safety of our employees and the environment.

To achieve this goal, Associated Spring pledges to maintain the following objectives:

  • Provide each employee with a workplace that is free from foreseeable hazards to health and safety, recognizing that all employees contribute to the protection of the environment and their own health and safety.
  • Maintain HSE responsibility at all supervisory levels and provide effective employee training to ensure each person has the skills to work in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Comply with applicable HSE legislation, regulations and other internal and external standards of performance.
  • Prevent pollution, maximize conservation and recycling, and encourage employees to apply basic HSE principles both on the job and outside of the work environment.
  • Continuously improve the performance of the HSE systems through ongoing assessment and measurement.
  • Integrate HSE considerations into process design and strive to minimize any adverse impacts of our products on the environment and consumer.

Associated Spring is proud to offer our partners a full service precision-engineered, customer specific solutions. Contact our team to learn more about our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our manufacturing business.