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Medical Devices

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Medical Devices

At Associated Spring, we draw on our 160+ year history of engineering and technical innovation, our strong, long-term relationships with suppliers and our state-of-the art equipment to create a robust portfolio of custom engineered, precision metal components and solutions for medical device manufacturers.

Our vast manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of products that are available in a variety of materials and shapes.

Our team can support you at any stage of your project – and especially if you are experiencing any design challenges. Fill out the contact form below so we can connect to talk about your needs and help you succeed.


Flat Spiral / Power Springs, Brush and Constant Force Springs.

Coil springs - Compression and Extension

Retaining Rings & Snap Rings

Spring Washers - Belleville, Curved, Wave and Finger

Custom Stampings

Flat Springs

Wire Forms

Almen Strips


Material Types:
Material Shapes:
Titanium MP-35N Round
Chrome Vanadium Stainless Steel Square
Chrome Silicon Spring Steel Rectangular
Beryllium Copper Inconel Stranded
Phosphor Bronze Brass Flat Strip
Alloy Steel    


Quality Certifications:                                 
 ISO 13485
 ISO 9001
 ISO 14001

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