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Today, more and more leading global manufacturing companies rely on Associated Spring for design and manufacturing innovation. We proudly serve the defense, energy, & medical industries and many consumer markets with our precision components. Our expertise allows them to keep pace with rapidly changing markets.

We've become more than just a strategic supplier to these companies and the markets they serve. We're a resource for specialized engineering and design solutions, with the ability to solve complex component problems and help improve products and processes.

The engineers in our Special Order Department provide prototypes quickly to meet tight schedules. We reliably produce and deliver a wide range of precision components and proprietary finishing processes, adding value for our customers. Value is an integral part of the innovation Associated Spring is known globally for.

We'd like to put our resources to work for you. Contact us today to learn how our precise solutions can support your business.



As a leading AS9100 certified U.S. company, we understand the requirements and documentation necessary to supply the critical Aerospace and Defense market sector. We currently manufacture parts used in missiles and various types of military & commercial aircraft, helicopters, space vehicle and other related applications.

Our Special Order Department can meet your specific requirements providing engineering and design support from prototype to production. Our vast manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of material types and our New Product Development Team offers extensive technical resources, supported by state-of-the-art equipment.

Compressors/Flapper Valves


Associated Spring utilizes in house capabilities to meet the most critical compressor component specifications. Our precision valve products deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Transportation: Associated Spring is a global supplier of automotive air conditioning flapper valves for fixed and variable compressors and scroll compressors. Applications include light vehicle, heavy duty truck, heavy equipment and air brake valves.

Industrial/Commercial: A world leader in technology, research and development of industrial/commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, pumps and air compressors; our precision valve components offer superior efficiency and durability.

  • Springs
  • Stampings
  • Reed valves
  • Flapper valves
  • Suction valves
  • Discharge valves
  • Leaf valves
  • Exhaust valves
  • Valve plates
  • Backers
  • Suspension springs
  • Assemblies (containing suction and discharge flapper valves, backers, plates and hardware)
  • TS16949 Certified
  • Prototypes to Production


Construction 2

As a leader in valve and fuel system springs used in construction, mining, & farm machinery equipment, Associated Spring offers engineering support to assist you from concept to production to ensure quality and reliability for your application. Our proprietary design software, testing procedures, and new material development can assist in developing your prototypes with quick turnaround time.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

As Consumer Products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so do the capabilities of precision engineered solutions from Associated Spring.

Our components are found across a wide range of applications, including: refrigeration & heating equipment, laundry equipment, fans, sporting goods, and lawn & garden equipment.

Diesel Powertrain

Diesel Powertrain

With a focus on quality, reliability and service, our manufacturing professionals can help you achieve optimal performance & life-cycle costs for your diesel powertrain needs.

Associated Spring has expertise in valve springs, compression springs and assemblies covering a multitude of applications, including: industrial trucks and tractors, internal combustion engines, truck & bus bodies, industrial machinery & equipment, transportation equipment and power transmission equipment.



Using our advanced technology, Associated Spring provides innovative solutions for the Oil, Gas, Solar and Nuclear Power industries.

Our components are found in air & gas compressors, oil & gas field machinery, turbines and turbine generator sets, valves, nuclear reactors and switchgear.

General Industrial

General Industrial

Associated Spring focuses on technology, quality & service which enables us to develop strong relationships with industrial customers and exceed their needs.

Our precision engineered components are found in a broad range of industrial applications, including: ball and roller bearings, valves, electrical equipment, industrial machinery/equipment, internal combustion engines, measuring & controlling devices, motors and generators, process control instruments, office furniture and valves & pipe fittings.

Medical Devices

Medical 2

Components from Associated Spring can be found in a wide range of medical devices including surgical and medical instruments, imaging equipment and monitoring devices to name a few.

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Associated Spring understands the importance of having reliable telecommunications and electronic devices. Our engineering department is a partner in the development of precision components for both large and small communication devices.

Our components are found in computer peripheral equipment, switchgear, radio & TV communications equipment, and security systems.


New Transportation CROPPED

Automotive engine valve and transmission components from Associated Spring are produced using the latest materials and innovative, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. This technology supports modern, high efficiency, light weight, fuel-saving designs.

Our team of engineers will design, prototype and manufacture precision valve spring and transmission components to meet specific demands and packaging at optimized lifecycle costs.

As a full service supplier to the transmission market, our range of components allows our customers to achieve total drivetrain performance.

Our plants are third-party certified to ISO9001 and TS16949.